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Nice feeling


“I’m going into the bedroom now, to prepare for your entry. Will you wait
for three minutes, then come into the room, lift your skirt up to your
waist and lie down on your stomach on our new Bermuda rope hammock?” And, he
lightly rose and left Jenifir to think about that while she finished her
delicious capuccino. “Lift my skirt?? Hammock? What’s this?”
After the three minutes passed (holding her watch near the candle to read
its tiny face for the exactness of Bob’s timing request).. Jeniffer blew out
the candle’s luminence and slowly moved to the door, reaching not very far
down to take the hem of her skirt, lift it up to her waist (“What a langorously nice feeling this is – I’ve never done it before; with Bob’s air-conditioner
pushing a cool breeze across the room it feels so neat on my thighs and panties
!!!” She walked into Bob’s room, not seeing where he is waiting for her, but
following his request – she can see the outline of a big Carribean-type rope
hammock resting on a steady metal frame holding it open.. she gently sits down
on it to test its ability to hold her, then, feeling secure, she lets herself
lie face down into the encompassing rope cushion of the nice hammock.

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